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Perforated Mesh

Material:Mild steel
Patterns:Roud, Square
Thickness:0,3 mm to 15 mm


Senming supply vast range of perforated metal sheet. Our vast tooling inventory provides an abundant choice of patterns and hole sizes for your selection. Senming can supply parts in coil, perforated metal sheet, or as completely fabricated and finished part.  High quality product and service has made us the premier perforator in the industry.  We’re dedicated to customer service and quick response time utilizing a highly trained, experienced work force that focuses on exceeding customer expectations.

Perforated patterns: Roud, Square, Rounded slot, and special hole type. We have a vast tooling capability for various widths, material thicknesses, etc.  We also can manufacture a tool(s) for special requirements that a customer may desire if one of our existing tools does not work for a customer requirement.

Material: Mild steel – galvanized steel - stainless steel- aluminium- copper - brass – titan – Monel- etc.

Sizes: Standard sizes are mm 1000x2000, 1250x2500, 1500x3000; sheets and plates cannot exceed mm.2000x5000.

Hole types: Round, square, round and slot, square and slot, flared hole, hexagon holes. Other hole shapes maybe used for particular purposes. We have thousands of different perforating tools at your disposal.
Please, don’t hesitate to contact us. The most common hole shapes are: round hole and square hole.
The round holes starts from a diameter of 0,3mm. Thickness goes from 0,3 mm to 15 mm.

Special works: We specialize in sheets ‘holes – as- thickness’ (hole=thickness),as drawing, as sector, as trunk of cone.
The best our feature is the high flexibility in manufacturing. We produce on demand and also we have a stock list of thousands of perforated sheets.