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Brewery Filters

Material:304 stainless steel mesh
Features:Corrosion resistance


Bazooka Screen

Material: 304 stainless steel mesh 16 mesh*0.45mm, 304 stainless steel fitting

Sizes: 6”/12” length, 1” diameter, 1/2” NPT/BSP Thread

Applications of Bazooka Screen:

(1) Bazooka tube screen makes an ideal hop strainer in your boil kettle, or a perfect filter in your mash tun to separate your wert from your grain during lautering and sparging.

(2) Bazooka screen is designed to attach to the back of a bulkhead inside a boil kettle or mash tun for easy wert removal. 

(3) Bazooka screen is fine enough to filter wert for a plate chiller or counter-flow chiller, yet not too fine to clog up with pellet hops.

 Hop Spider filter

These stainless steel filters are perfect for containing hops while brewing beer! Known as a hop spider, hops filter, beer wert cup, wert scoop cup, hop basket, or just plain beer brewing filter, they sit inside a brewing kettle and keeps the hops contained during the brewing process. They are great for keeping the hop gunk from building up on the bottom of your kettle and also help to keep your plate chiller from plugging up.

The basket is made from 100% 304 stainless steel. The stainless mesh is available in 300 or 400 micron, which based on experience among home brewers seems to be the sweet spot for containing the hops. For pellet hops, 300 micron works the best and 400 micron works best with whole leaf hops. 400 micron will also work with pellet hops, but 300 micron tends to contain the dust better.